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Lets Fly is one of the leading rollators in the world today in terms of design and functionality.

At one of the industries largest exhibitions in Europe it was selected as the most beautifully designed product at the exhibition.

It is made of cast aluminium, and looks spectacular.

An elegant design without welds or joints, giving it unique form and strength.

It has large front wheels which makes it easy to cross over kerbs.

The rear wheels have built-in soft suspension which makes The Lets Fly run softly and smoothly.

The seat on Lets Fly is made of artificial leather with a beautiful white seam.

It is soft and comfortable to sit on, yet water resistant and durable.

The hole in the middle is used when folding.

The ergonomically designed rubber handles on the Lets Fly give a firm and comfortable grip.

The raised front part of the handle is designed to give a more agreeable thumb grip.

The handle height can be adjusted from 82 to 91 cm with a simple snap lock, which fixes the handle in the desired position.

When the rollator is folded it is only 20 cm wide, it stands by itself and is easy to take with you.

The bag is also easily folded together with the rollator.

The bag is an optional extra.

Handle height from 82 to 91 cm; Distance between handles 41 cm; Length 66.5 cm; Width 58 cm; Seat Height 60 cm; Weight 6.9 kg;

Max User Weight 130kg.


  • Max User Weight: 130kg
    Product weight: 6.9kg

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